This Pregnant Woman's Love of Chocolate Literally Moves Her to Tears

Need proof you're not the only pregnant woman who gets emotional about the little things? Look no further.

There are two things most pregnant women know to be true: One, that emotional highs and lows can feel more intense than ever thanks to that wacky hormonal shift. Two, that pregnancy can give you a whole new appreciation for your favorite foods. It's only natural to crave certain foods, have a bigger appetite than usual and get really, really excited about your favorite snacks.

That's why this video is so spot on: It features a woman who is basically every preggo ever literally sobbing over how much she loves her favorite chocolate, and it's pretty much the most adorable thing we've seen.

"Just really love Symphony bars," the woman says through her tears. She and her partner are in a store's candy aisle.

"How did it make you feel, sweetie?" Her partner asks. Her answer? "So happy."

This mama's reaction is hilarious—and pretty realistic. Have you ever found yourself getting similarly emotional about your favorite snack?