This Style Blogger Is About to Become Your Postpartum Idol

This new mom's attitude towards her postpartum experience is EVERYTHING.

Style blogger Charmaine Daudu is hilarious, fierce and flat-out inspiring. Need proof? Look no further than her Instagram feed, which puts her enviable postpartum attitude on full display.

The blogger posts regular glimpses at her life as a new mom—from #OOTD shots to more unfiltered looks at what that new mom experience really looks like. What's so refreshing about this mama? The fact that she's honest, confident and able to find the humor during a really tough, chaotic time in a woman's life.

Daudu, who just welcomed her son one month ago, earned herself some attention after she posted a hilarious photo in which she is holding her baby on her lap. It's the caption that had followers cracking up: "[Y]ou may use your baby as a tummy roll blocker and push-up bra for the occasional pic ...they'll think they're on a hammock, and you'll think you've bounced back," she wrote alongside the image. "[T]his is called team work, and you've earned it."

Not only is this caption laugh-out-loud funny, it's also pretty incredible that this brand-new mom is finding the humor in that hectic, exhausting, stressful postpartum period.

"I find humor in the fact that society often paints a picture of perfection, when in reality a lot of us are walking around with spit up on our shirts and granny panties," Daudu told Fit Pregnancy. "We are in a highly edited time with social media, and pregnancy and labor comes with so many unflattering moments that it's hard not to laugh. I love sharing these real moments because I know I can't be alone, and I hope it inspires future moms to know that it's okay not to have a clue what you're doing at times! Sometimes we have to laugh so we don't cry. It's not easy being overwhelmed by the learning curve and sleep deprivation. When you're running on an empty tank and your sweet baby lets out their carefree poop explosions ruining an adorable outfit you spent way too much money on, you have to find some humor for your sanity!"

Humor isn't the only thing this mama brings to the table, though—she's also here to prove that new motherhood doesn't always look the way it does on TV or in airbrushed photos. The blogger even posted a photo of her postpartum "pooch" along with a message about how her bounce back game is going.

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I have to say, I love that lil pouch...should I call it my fanny pack? 🤔 anyway, it was Zen's home so I'd be lying if I said I wish it would go away faster...I'm still emotionally attached lol recap : 1 month, C-section recovery, 9.3 baby, and I gained approx 55lbs ...this belly is shrinking mainly from breastfeeding and I'm still in awe! The female body is absolutely fascinating. That being said, I too, got sucked into all the post baby body madness and I purchased one of those belly binding things... ( amazon prime + 2am feedings...bad combo 😩😂😂 ) anyway, I tried it on for a minute and it hurt my back and made me feel claustrophobic 😩 so I had one of those moments when you shake your head at yourself lol 🙄 I took it off and sent it flying across the room like a slingshot 😬 So while I really do appreciate the advice, I'm going to keep letting this pouch run its course and then start my workouts and just hope that I can have a 4pack by summer 😆 ...ya girl loves a mean bikini 👙I just thought I'd share for those that may feel badly about a lingering belly...we're all different! Don't be too hard on yourself. PS mamas...when did you start working out again? And how about the fabulous belly line 😆 did yours fully fade? How long did it take ? I love hearing all your different experiences ( I think it's helpful for other readers too so feel free to share! ) 💞 #newmom #mamaspice💃🏽

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"I have to say, as a DIY beauty & style blogger and YouTuber, I had no idea that my new role as a mom would create so much interest. When I shared my intimate thoughts after giving birth and then my postpartum belly pics, I received comments and messages that actually moved me to tears," Daudu, who created an alter ego named "Mama Spice" for herself during pregnancy, told us. 

"It made me realize just how wonderful this community is, and how much of a void exists when it comes to sharing true depictions of reality online," she said. "I showed my reality, having a lingering belly after having a C-section and to my surprise it created quite a buzz because so many women seemed tired of always seeing 'bounce back'  pics with a flat tummy after a week and it's often very unrealistic for many women. I noticed that women started sharing their bellies ( or fanny packs as I named it lol ) and tagging me on pics. This was beyond my expectation and it really makes me so proud to be a woman and a mom." 

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Today marks 2 weeks since labour day 🎊 moms...internet aunties...and anyone that gets emotional over just about anything, lil Zen lost his belly cord stump/nub today 😩 as gross as that lil thing was, you sure do miss it when it's gone...especially when it falls off when you're asleep and your husband discards of it without thinking that you may just want to say goodbye to it first 😂...or have it framed 👀 or is that just me 😳 jkjk ...anyway!! he's practically a grown up now 😆 Now to the bump pics! This is 2 weeks post C-section with my 9lb baby...I was 196lbs at delivery and now I'm about 20 lbs down ( I'm not really big on scales but I checked for sake of this post ) and breastfeeding has been my main source of any kind of effort that may contribute to weight loss, in addition to labour of course ( you have to get mad specific on IG sometimes lol ) weight loss is not my priority, I'm just documenting the facts because this transformation is pretty interesting for a first time mom 🤓 I have to repeat , I'm not in any rush to get a flat tummy overnight, I'm really enjoying the gradual changes as it's all pretty fascinating to me ...and honestly, I think the slow shrinking belly is much more forgiving on my skin. I just want to remind people just how different we all are and to embrace it! some women " bounce back " immediately, others take a longer time, and many factors contribute to this. Just as I may have a lingering belly, and lingering preggo acne...I haven't experienced any stretch marks for my pregnancy. I didn't use any creams religiously etc, in fact I was pretty lazy in that department...I do believe it's mostly genetics and just another example of how different we all are. No need to feel badly if your results aren't the same as someone else, and never believe that anyone has everything "easy" ..we all have our different struggles, but your outlook can make a world of difference ☺️ so while I play connect the dots with my preggo acne and patty cake with my lil belly, please know that I feel great in my skin even on the days that I don't recognize myself 👹 mom life is so much fun! So glad to be a part of the tribe✊🏽

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Daudu's advice for other new moms? "You can spend nine months planning and envisioning your labor experience and like any sporting event, the results are unpredictable and often not exactly what you planned. Surviving such a feat is absolutely heroic and I think that women should really treat their postpartum experience with as much love and care as they deserve," she said.