This Sweet Pregnancy Reveal for Baby #3 Is a Family Affair

You have to watch this popular mommy vlogger's adorable new pregnancy announcement video.

Pregnancy might start with a woman and end with a baby but the reality is, it affects an entire family. Crisse Luna, the mom behind popular YouTube channel LunaMommyVlogs, has released a pregnancy announcement video to that effect. It isn't just about her (or even her and her partner)—it involves her whole brood. And it's adorable.

The video begins with a look at one of the vlogger's daughters playing and quickly segues to a shot of a Clearblue pregnancy test that reveals their big news: Crisse is pregnant! 

The 24-year-old and her husband, Henry, already have two daughters: Kayla, 7, and Annalee, 3. Both girls are no strangers to appearing in their mom's videos.

“We’re a very close family and we share a lot of our family life on YouTube," Crisse told Fit Pregnancy of choosing to include her entire family in this announcement video. "I just wanted to include them to get them more excited about the pregnancy and their sibling and get them involved at a very young age with their new sibling coming.” 

As anyone who has watched the video might guess, both girls are thrilled over their mom's big news. “I think they were both very, very excited [when I told them I was pregnant]. Annalee is already saying ‘oh there’s a baby in your tummy, I’m going to be a big sister," Crisse said. "To Kayla it was a little bit of a shock but she was also very excited. She actually didn’t believe me. She said ‘your belly is not big.’ I had to explain to her that as [I] become more pregnant, my belly will start to show more. When I was pregnant with her sister she was a lot younger so she didn’t catch on to the growing belly part.”

Crisse, who also blogs about her family's day-to-day life, set out to capture's her family's excitement over her big news and she believes she succeeded. She's just two months along and doesn't know whether she's having a boy or a girl this time around—all she knows is that her family can't wait to welcome its newest addition.

“My favorite part of filming the announcement was just the smiles from my kids and my husband’s excitement. You can really feel how excited we are as a family. Going back and watching that video is emotional…I feel like I did a good job of capturing those raw emotions of what you feel when you’re adding another member to your family," she said.