Three Generations of Breastfeeding Beauties Captured in One Image

You have to see this photo series celebrating the beauty of a mother's body—no matter what her age is.

There is something special about the relationships between mothers and daughters. To illustrate that, photographer Jade Beall shot images of three generations of women. The photos are raw, the subjects are naked and the entire concept is very much in celebration of motherhood—including one particular act that perfectly sums up the nature of being a mom.

In Beall's photos, a woman named Lucy is breastfeeding her daughter. She's next to her own mom with her daughter in her arms. "The beautiful body on the left birthed and fed the beautiful body on the right which birthed and feeds the beautiful little body at her breast," Beall captioned the photo. 

Three generations of women breastfeed on a bed Jade Beall

There's one more generation represented in these photos as well, as they were shot in the Lucy's grandmother's bed, which is where Lucy gave birth to her daughter.

Three generations of women pose with baby Jade Beall

Beall shot the female-strong family once before Lucy gave birth as well. Lucy is pregnant in the photo and her mother is embracing her, both women completely naked. "Right before I snapped this, both Lucy and her mother were crying, moved by the moment, which in turn made me cry," Jade said of the photo. "Quickly our tears turned into contagious laughter and I knew we had just made a piece of art."

Three generations of women, maternity photo

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