Time with Baby

11-6-08: My Favorite Part of the Day


Every night at the dinner table, Nelson, the girls, and I each take turns sharing our favorite part of the day with each other. Elise usually mentions a family activity like taking a walk or going to the park. Julia also selects a family activity unless candy or cookies have been served and then that trumps all else. For my part, I usually cite time spent with the girls, but I now secretly have a new favorite part of the day: night-time.

Things are definitely chaotic here during the day. Even when things seem under control, it's most often a false illusion. Take the other day, for instance. The girls were upstairs playing. The baby was sleeping, and Nelson was cleaning. I had an article to write, so I took the opportunity to work at my computer.

Ten minutes into my writing, Elise bopped downstairs to tell me she spilled orange juice. I was perplexed since I hadn't fixed her any. Nelson went upstairs to investigate. When I heard him yell, I knew it was bad. The girls had taken a gallon of milk and a container of OJ and poured it all over their bedroom. Yes, all over. To tell you the truth, I wasn't really shocked by their behavior. Lately, the girls have a knack for getting into all kinds of trouble. And I run around cleaning up one disaster after another. Meanwhile, I rotate David from his bassinet, to his swing, to his bouncy seat all day long. Other than nursing him every two hours--and even that's often hurried--I barely get to enjoy his precious nature.

That's why I love the evenings. Once the girls are in bed, I change into some comfy pajamas, grab a bowl of shredded wheat with banana (nursing makes me so hungry), turn on the TV, and snuggle up with the baby. Now I can let him nurse as long as he wants. There are no interruptions. When he falls asleep and nestles into my arms completely full of milk and utterly relaxed, I don't have to put him down. Instead I just soak up his sweet, yummy smell.

One other reason I love the night: David sleeps like a champ. He goes to bed around 9:00 pm and sleeps for four or five hours. He wakes once to nurse. Then he sleeps until early morning. My only complaint: Because he's such a good sleeper I don't get as much of that cuddle time. Talk about a Catch-22!