4 Tips for Dining Out With a Baby

Waiter, can you hold my child? Just kidding. Don’t say that, but do follow these strategies when you're out to eat at a restaurant with your baby.  

Spilled Glass of Red Wine and Cheerios Aaron Dyer
1. Eyeball the place

Cramped restaurants, places with stairs, and loud spots are no-gos. We look for places that have room for a stroller at the table, since my baby is often asleep for part of the meal. A changing table in the restroom is also a good sign of baby-friendliness. Julia Edelstein, mom of Joey, age 3, and Gabriel, 6 months.

2. Go for lunch 

I prefer lunch to dinner because everyone’s less cranky. And once your meal arrives, eat. It’s not rude! Most likely your baby will need your attention in a few moments, so if you wait, your food will get cold. Tara Lustberg, mom of Noah, age 5, and Jacob, 8 months.

3. Be generous

Once my baby started solids, we began tipping the server a little extra. Compared to bringing a nursing baby to a restaurant, food gets everywhere with a new eater! I feel like a parent-jerk to the people who work there, so I always try to clean up what I can. Julia Dennison, mom of Esme, age 1.

4. Hold off on the high chair

There’s only so much time toddlers like being restrained in a high chair. To keep our daughter’s patience from wearing thin, we wait until the food arrives to put her in one. Jessica Tull, mom of Maggie, age 3, and Penelope, 4 months.