Toddler Adorably Mocks Pregnant Mom's Morning Sickness

This little guy imitates his pregnant mama's mad dash to the toilet perfectly in this oh-so-cute video. 

No pregnant woman wants to be made fun of for her condition's not-so-pleasant side effects...but when the person doing the mocking is this cute, it's a different story! 

D.J. Anderson recently posted a video of his one-year-old son imitating his pregnant wife—and while we don't envy this woman's morning sickness at all, we have to say it: This scene is just too adorable for words.

The video shows the little guy running into the bathroom, stopping right in front of the toilet and dramatically pretending to vomit before running back out of the room. It's by far the cutest bout of faux morning sickness we've ever witnessed. His parents seem to think so as well: You can hear the sound of adult laughter in the background when the toddler has his big moment.

We never thought anything relating to that awful nausea so many preggos experience could make us smile...but sure enough, this video did the trick!

Toddler Makes Fun of Mom With Morning Sickness