Travel Trip-Up

22 Weeks Old.


Well, Tucker is over his cold. And we're home. That's the good news. The bad news is that now I understand why parents get so knotted up about travel. It was so easy when he was little! But the Vermont weekend ended up being pretty hard. When last we spoke we were in the middle of his first nap on the first full day there... I believe it was the longest nap he had the whole weekend; whenever the rest of the group was home there was a lot of noise and no sound-insulation, plus he seemed to hate the BabyBjí¶rn Travel Crib Light more with each passing day.

Ok, that's not fair. I think there were a lot of elements at play: The crib is much more confining than his crib at home, where his mattress is up close to the top and he can see out really well. It's also so much lower to the floor that I had a lot of trouble transferring him into the crib without waking him up (if he fell asleep on his own it would be better, obviously). And the room he was in was cold, which didn't help. We ended up having to take him into bed with us each night—he was waking up multiple times instead of his usual one 4 a.m. feeding, and staying awake for up to two hours. Agh!

The crib seemed comfortable, and I really think that if we get him used to it and into the habit of falling asleep on his own it will work great. We have a trip to Florida in a week, and then I'm heading to Oregon at the end of February. Eek!


Tucker is spending more and more time upright these days, in the Bumbo or in my lap or just sitting on the floor with a little help from me. He can support himself for a bit before slumping over, and he seems to enjoy spending time looking at the world from a different point of view. It's interesting to see which toys will get more and more accessible as he's sitting—he can smack at things and grab more easily than when he's on his back. We have this set of stacking cups (though the colors are different), and they're a nice size for him right now. He flings them all over the place and chews on the edges. It's noisy but fun! We also have this set, which is much bigger. I think he'll like it once he's at the stage where he can actually stack things, but for now the pieces are a bit bulky for him.


Confession time: I've blown it in terms of getting Tucker to take bottles. Back at the beginning I was pumping regularly and giving him bottles every few days, with no problem. But despite warnings from everyone that I had to keep it up, I got lazy and haven't given him a bottle in months. I need to be able to leave him with a babysitter on occasion, so this past week we tried a couple times to give him a bottle. It was...not a success. I haven't had much luck pumping, either, which surprised me because I didn't have any trouble earlier on. My goal this week is to pump at more optimal times and have Ben try bottles with him over the weekend. (Yeah, when *I* tried to give him a bottle? If there could have been a speech bubble floating over his head it would have said "Are you nuts, woman?") Wish me luck!

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.