I can't imagine running without my iPod

Running with ipod-main.jpg

I know I will have to bag it for the big one on October 4th, but for now, I could not imagine running without my iPod.
Purists say it takes away from the experience of the run, that runners who pack tunes are not focused on their breathing or the sounds of their feet hitting the pavement, the cadence, the rhythm. But I say, on a 14-mile run, the summer sun beating down on my shoulders, a little bit of MeatLoaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love” goes a long way.
Instead of spending the time focusing on my training watch and the number of miles I have left, I am focusing on the music and the eternal questions: just what IS it that MeatLoaf will not do for love?
For running I like a good mix. Sometimes I am feeling Aerosmith, on other days it is Cold Play. Sometimes I like a good 80’s mix while other days nothing but Rage Against the Machine will do.
Some current favorites include:
1.) The Theme from Rocky-Gonna Fly Now-Bill Conti
2.) Fame-Irene Cara
3.) Eye of the Tiger-Survivor
4.) Jump-Van Halen
5.) Girls, Girls, Girls-Motley Crue
6.) Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
7.) I’m Shipping Up to Boston-Dropkick Murphys
8.) Anything by Lady Gaga
9.) Anything up-tempo by Shakira
10.) Life is a Highway-Tom Cochrane
My musical tastes change frequently and when they do, I mix up the music, change it around and it gets me through my runs. I am capable of running without tuneage and very frequently go with a friend while foregoing the iPod.
But for those hot summer runs when it is just me and my fuel belt, nothing beats a sweaty run and some good music.
And on that note, does anyone have any musical suggestions for me? I can use all the help I can get.

Sasha Brown-Worsham is a writer, a mother and an unabashed, unashamed runaholic. Check her progress each week as she trains to qualify for the Boston Marathon.