Twin News Makes Family Do a Double Take

When an Illinois couple videos their family's reaction to them having a baby, it's cute. But when they reveal it's actually twins, what happens next is priceless.

Twin News Makes Family Do a Double Take Laura High/YouTube

This has got to be one of the best reactions to a birth announcement we've seen yet!

When Laura and Ryan High of Glen Carbon, Ill., went for an ultrasound to catch a glimpse of their second baby, they were shocked to find they were actually carrying twins. And since there were no other multiples in the family, the couple was pretty sure their friends and relatives would be surprised, too. So they took the opportunity of their son Connor's third birthday to share the big (and bigger!) news.

With family members and pals gathered for the festivities, it didn't seem out of the ordinary when the expectant duo pulled out a video camera to record their son's big day.

Roll tape and the two start telling guests they're having another baby. Moms, aunts, grandmas, uncles, and cousins all look appropriately surprised.

But what makes this pregnancy reveal extra special is what happens next—when the couple drops the other half of their truth bomb: the fact that they're actually having two babies.

Anyone who watches this video can attest to the authenticity of the adorable reactions from the the Highs' friends and family.

"Seeing the overwhelming happiness that our friends and family have, has reassured me we're all going to be just fine," Laura told Fit Pregnancy, "because we are so loved and so lucky!"

The least surprising thing about the whole thing? How popular the video has become on YouTube, receiving 2.5K likes and growing since the couple posted it two days ago.

It looks like these babies will be showered with lots of love when they arrive!