This Confetti-Filled Maternity Shoot Is Actually Celebrating TWO Mamas’ Rainbow Babies

This photographer understands all too well how meaningful rainbow baby pregnancies are, and she and her friend decided to celebrate them with a series of gorgeous photos.

If you've welcomed a rainbow baby, you know why the term exists: "Rainbow baby" refers to a child born after miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss, and the feeling of finally bringing a baby into the world truly feels like a high you can only reach after pulling through a metaphorical storm. 

Studio 154 photographer Lauren Giles knows this feeling all to well. "My husband and I went through a round of IVF that ended in a miscarriage, then another miscarriage after that. Going through all that and then getting pregnant with our rainbow baby—I'm very sensitive to those that have gone through that, and I really wanted to capture the joy that you feel when you hear that first heartbeat and the doctor tells you that baby is healthy," Giles told Fit Pregnancy. 

rainbow-baby-shoot Studio 154

Giles came up with an artistic way to celebrate that feeling. The photographer enlisted her friend, Brittany Ashmore (you may know her as the blogger behind The Ashemore's Blog), who is also set to welcome a rainbow baby of her own, to star in a rainbow baby-themed maternity photo shoot. The results are spectacular—the images feature Ashmore posing under a stream of rainbow-colored confetti.

rainbow-baby-shoot Studio 154

"My vision for the shoot was rainbow confetti just falling from the sky," Giles said. "You've been through a storm but the clouds pass and from heaven falls this rainbow of confetti. I feel like that's what I achieved."

rainbow-baby-shoot Studio 154

We have to agree: The photos really do capture that amazing feeling of finally seeing a light at the end of the long tunnel so many people have to pass through on their journeys to parenthood. According to Giles, the images are touching others who have faced similar experiences. 

rainbow-baby-shoot Studio 154

"It's amazing how any time I step on social media of any outlet there are people talking about it and encouraging their friends by sending it and sharing it," Giles said.  "In a world that's so full of dark moments, it's been so rewarding to see the beauty that's come from sharing this kind of story. When I went through infertility and miscarriages, I was so silent about it. I feel like that hurt me because it was so isolating—to see me take a leap of faith and share this's just been truly mind blowing."


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