Two Totally Different Pregnancy Announcements

You'll laugh, scream and shed a few tears when you watch these two (very different) pregnancy announcements that both manage to be totally awesome in different ways.

Two Totally Different Pregnancy Announcements YouTube

It's become a tradition for parents-to-be to document their pregnancy announcement in photos and on video. The announcements are always adorable, but these two couples have completely raised the bar.

Wedding photographers Gavin Holt and Judy Tran are expecting their first child in March 2016. Their baby-to-be is going to have an extremely fun life with awesome parents, judging from the horror movie-themed video the pair created for their pregnancy announcement. The extremely professional video was filmed and edited to look like an extended trailer for a scary movie, complete with eerie dialogue, ominous music and even some "blood" (which isn't actually blood at all—you'll have to watch and see what we mean).

This is one horror movie we'd be happy to see... though the "horror" at the end will actually end up being a beautiful child.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, one man got the birthday gift he's obviously been waiting for when his wife films him opening his new Apple Watch, which actually isn't an Apple Watch at all—it's a positive pregnancy test.

"What. Are you serious?" he asks his wife while she films. "Are you serious????"

His look of surprise quickly switches to tears of joy when he realizes that yes, he's going to be a dad. "We're going to have a baby," she says at the end of the video before they lock into an embrace. Awwwwww.