Viral Pic Proves Motherhood Ain't Always Pretty

Photo of a TV actor's wife breastfeeding her toddler on the toilet sparks outrage in some, while others applaud the mom for showing motherhood in its true light.

Viral Pic Proves Motherhood Ain't Always Pretty mylifeisabeach/Instagram

When baby has to eat, baby has to eat. But when mama has to go, mama has to go, too.

An Instagram post that basically sums up what it's like to be a mom, posted by Elisha Wilson Beach (wife of actor Michael Beach from Sons of Anarchy), is going viral. And nope, not because it's funny or incredibly accurate, but because of the naysayers who (yet again) feel their need to speak out against a mama breastfeeding.

The controversial photo features Beach sitting on the loo, while her tiny toddler stands on tippy toes to nurse from her breast. Next to the mother-and-child is a sink cabinet, swung open to reveal tampons and cosmetics strewn everywhere. Basically a realistically intimate glimpse at true mama life, as Beach alludes to in the caption: "This is motherhood and it ain't always pretty. What's your #momtruth?", followed by the hashtags #motherhood #motherhoodaintpretty #tmi #confessionsofamom #ididthat #iamnotsorry.

While some are questioning if Beach is a sanitary mother, and others are upset about seeing a little side boob, our favorite comments are from the mamas who have been there, breastfed there. Like this one: "I absolutely love this. It is so true about being a mom. You can't even go pee alone. lol my favorite part is how she tore up the sink area. My son would do the same thing when i would try to go pee. I miss him being little. =("

Can we get an amen?

We're excited for more and more women—both ladies like us and celebs—who are standing up for breastfeeding, and taking away the taboo of feeding babies wherever and whenever they need to. Sometimes you have to breastfeed in the bathroom and yeah, sometimes you've got to pump on the go. And as Beach has illustrated, to keep Baby happy, you might have to let them in on your business. Which is nothing new, considering when your little one comes, everything changes. (Including your sense of privacy.) And ya know what comes first instead—above anyone else's opinion? The health of your hungry babe.