Viral Post Reveals an Unspoken Truth About Miscarriages: They're Expensive

This woman's post proves miscarriages aren't just painful—they can also be a serious financial drain.

Miscarriages aren't often discussed, and because of that, many first-time sufferers aren't aware of what they're actually in for when they go through the experience. But one woman decided to demystify the nature of miscarriage by sharing something few people even know: Miscarriages are expensive.

Janie Faville posted a shot of her claims summary in Facebook's Pantsuit Nation group—the receipt shows that medical treatment for her miscarriage cost $5,584, and Faville's insurance didn't cover all of it. She had to pay $1,369.57 out of pocket.

"Because people don't talk about it, I will. This is how much a miscarriage costs with good insurance. THIS is why we need Planned Parenthood," Faville wrote.

Politics aside, Faville's post raises a really important point: Woman are simply not prepared for everything a miscarriage entails. It's not so much about the costs they may incur (though that's certainly problematic, especially for people don't have access to good healthcare or disposable income to cover these unexpected costs), it's also about a lack of awareness surrounding the details of a miscarriage. Women may need D&C procedures, which remove tissue from the uterus, and there's also a possible hospital stay and a doctor's fee to consider. 

There's nothing fair about this. When you're in the early stages of pregnancy, you're almost constantly worrying about the prospect of miscarrying—but you probably don't ever give the costs associated with this a second thought. Miscarriages are painful and stressful, and having to shell out for the horrific experience is an added stressor and a constant reminder of what you've been through. 

Faville's post drew comments from other women who have been in her shoes. "It is like rubbing salt into a wound. It's like paying for someone to rip a piece of your heart out," one woman wrote. "I remember feeling appalled at all my bills from the emergency room, all the drs, and even the additional ultrasound just to tell me all traces of my baby was gone. Can't imagine the additional stress of not having 'good' insurance."

Does this information surprise you? After all, money is generally not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about losing the precious life inside you—but the sad reality is that for so many reasons, miscarriage really is even harder than people imagine.