Viral Pregnancy Reveal Mom Gives Birth Early

Remember that sweet viral video of the woman who reveals her pregnancy with a bun in the oven after 17 years of trying? She's given birth and needs your thoughts!

Viral Pregnancy Reveal Mom Gives Birth Early Arkell & Dana's Baby Bun/Facebook

Remember that viral pregnancy reveal video that made you tear up? Arkell Graves couldn't contain his excitement—or his emotions—when his wife, Dana Griffin-Graves surprised him with the news of her pregnancy ... after 17 years of trying. Not only did they have four miscarriages, but she also sadly delivered a stillborn baby at six-months-old.

And now, they've hit another scary moment in their journey to becoming parents. Though Dana was due to give birth to a son in February, they announced that the baby boy had to be delivered yesterday, at only 24 weeks via their Facebook page, along with their son's name: Kaleb Arkell Graves.

Baby Kaleb is in critical condition and mom risked her life delivering him. The couple has posted their gratitude to family, friends and fans. Not only are folks passing along their blessings and hopes for the child, but they're sharing amazing stories of their own premature babies who were born very early as well. These images hopefully will show the family that their baby has a fighting chance for a bright life. They wrote yesterday: "The love and support from all over is amazing! Thank you for your continued prayers. Our miracle is giving HOPE back to so many and we are blessed to be a part of it! God bless each of you!"

We're sending warm thoughts to this sweet couple who have remained hopeful and strong throughout their journey to build a family. We're cheering for you—and can't wait to meet Kaleb!