Wakesurfing Mama Keeps Riding Past Her Due Date

Whoa! This fierce preggo didn't stop wakesurfing after her due date had passed. But is this safe?

Everything is harder when you're heavily pregnant. Your energy is pretty much zapped to the point that even day-to-day activities take a lot out of you—that's why we were so shocked when we heard Kolby Fahlsing's story.

Fahlsing just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Wilder—but up until right before she delivered, Fahlsing was wakesurfing despite the fact that she was full-term pregnant (and then some), continuing to practice the sport even after her due date had come... and gone.

The Minnesota resident shared a video of herself balancing on the board and flashing the camera a big grin. Not surprisingly, the video has been viewed some 14,000 times. Fahlsing made wakesurfing look incredibly easy despite the fact that she was visibly very, very pregnant. It's an incredible feat, especially since pregnancy is notorious for its ability to mess with a woman's balance.

But here's the all-important question: Is what she did safe? Is wakesurfing at the very end of pregnancy (or any time in a pregnancy) a good idea for other women?

It's a complicated issue for sure. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists cautions pregnant woman against participating in any sport that could result in a fall—and they include water skiing in their description of off-limits activities. There's no word on wakesurfing, though, and the group does stress that pregnant women should keep up with the exercises they do regularly throughout pregnancy. Since Fahlsing is clearly an experienced wakesurfer, we imagine she's in the clear (especially since her doctor gave her the green light, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune). 

"I hate all the limitations people put on pregnant women," Fahlsing told Star Tribune. "'There's this expectation that pregnant women are fragile and should be sitting at home waiting for things to happen."

It sounds like Fahlsing went about wakesurfing while pregnant the right way. According to Star Tribune, she kept her pace slow, going at just nine miles per hour. “I’m very safe and know what I’m doing. I think it’s good to celebrate what our bodies can do,” she said. “I am just doing what I love and wakesurfing is a huge stress reliever for me. I’ve grown up on the water so I love being out there.”