Watch: Mom Blogger Nails What Pregnancy Is Really Like

"Where the hell is my glow? Where is the glow?!?!"

Tova Leigh is not here to sugarcoat things. The London-based blogger, who describes herself as "an actress, writer, a chocolate addict and a mom," recently got really real about the differences between how you expect to feel when pregnant and how you actually feel

Her video will definitely hit home with moms and moms-to-be who go into pregnancy thinking it'll be the most magical experience. Sure, on many levels, it is. But there are also a lot of annoyances to deal with.  

Among them, according to Leigh? "Ugh, my whole body hurts!" "Why the hell do I have hair on my chest?!" "I can't stop crying and I don't even know why I'm crying!"

Leigh doesn't stop at pregnancy, though. She also tackles expectation vs. reality when it comes to childbirth, breastfeeding, getting your pre-pregnancy body back and more. 

Her honesty is paying off big-time—even Leigh can't believe that 145,000 people (and counting!) have watched her video. "Woke up this morning and this happened..." she tweeted about going viral. "I am so amazed and grateful and thrilled!"

Keep the truth bombs coming, girl!