Watch This 32-Weeks Pregnant Woman SLAY Her Zumba Routine

How is she SO light on her feet at 32 weeks?

Any woman who has ever been in her third trimester of pregnancy will tell ya: The fatigue is real. 

Those weeks before you deliver are just flat-out exhausting, sometimes to the point that even walking from point A to point B is difficult. That's why it's so impressive (and flat-out inspirational) to see someone like Lucibel Nunez take on her final days of pregnancy. According to her Facebook page, the mom-to-be owns Fierce Fitness, a California group fitness center where she also works as a trainer. As if that weren't enough, the super fit preggo teaches Zumba as well.

Nunez frequently posts videos of herself hitting them gym, but few have earned her as much love as a recent clip that shows her leading a Zumba 32 weeks pregnant. 

You might imagine a heavily pregnant woman phoning in the workout, moving without much energy or stumbling awkwardly through the choreography—but if this clip is any indication, that's not how Nunez operates. She is so graceful, so energetic and so clearly committed to giving her class a fun workout, you'd never even guess she was pregnant (aside from that telltale bump, of course!), let alone well into her third trimester.

The video has been viewed nearly 10,000 times and has elicited tons of positive comments from social media users. This makes us happy for a bunch of reasons: Nunez is amazing, and we always love seeing pregnant ladies keep up with their healthy habits until the very end. Plus, it's great to see the love roll in for Nunez: We report so many stories that involve outsiders pointing fingers of blame at new and expectant mothers, so the fact that people are supporting this one is so refreshing. 

While we can totally understand why a pregnant woman might need to sit back and relax as she approaches her due date, we also have to give it up for women like Nunez. Are you as inspired by her moves as we are?