We Love the Message Behind This Mama's Stretch Mark Selfie

A mother of three recently shared a shot of her stretch marks. Why? Because she loves her body—and we love her body-positive philosophy.

If you've given birth, chances are you're familiar with #MommyTummy—and while it might take you a little while to get used to to the stretch marks and loose skin, your mommy tummy is something that's worth loving. After all, it was your baby's first home.

To this effect, Instagram user Shantique Paul posted a tribute to her own stretch marks on Instagram—and we're loving both the photo and the message of self love she presented with it. 

"After 3 babies this is how my tummy looks. Am I ashamed of it? Definitely not! Do I care what others think? Definitely not! Do I love my body? Absolutely! Would I ever consider an abdominoplasty? No way Jose! I am beautiful on the inside and outside. If I don't love me and all of my flaws how can I expect someone else to love me? It starts within. Self love is always the best love!" the mother wrote alongside the powerful photo.

This post isn't just beautiful, it's also incredibly important. We live in a world that broadcasts airbrushed images of flat, flawless tummies on new moms, but that's usually not the reality. Seeing a woman who is proud of her stretch marks just might help the other women who are struggling to accept their own gain some clarity. 

What do you think of this mom's post? Does it help you feel more accepting of your own mommy tummy?