This is What 25 Weeks Pregnant With Quintuplets Looks Like

This photoshoot offers a stunning look at what carrying quintuplets—yes, five babies at once—really looks like. It's, insane, amazing, impressive and beautiful.

This is What Pregnant With Quintuplets Looks Like Erin Elizabeth Photography/Facebook

The next time you're feeling (understandably) overwhelmed by the weight of carrying your baby, consider this: This Australian mother is pregnant with quintuplets. Yup. She's currently carrying four girls and one boy, making a total of five babies. And they're all being housed in one belly.

Kimberly Tucci is the star of a gorgeous maternity photo shoot. Taken at 25 weeks, these photos spotlight the preggo woman in a formfitting maxi dress and a flower crown.

The maternity photos are spectacular—not just because they're so well-composed or artistically shot, but because, as photographer Erin Elizabeth marvels, "it's hard to believe there are six people in [these] photo[s.]"

Tucci is already a mother of two young girls. She and her husband decided to try for one more child—but they got a bit more than they bargained for when Tucci learned she was pregnant with quintuplets. You can read about her escapades on her blog, Surprised by Five.