What to Do with an Overloaded iPhone

We've rounded up 5 great options for saving, storing and printing all of your precious baby photos.


Every mom has been there, ready to snap a photo or quick video of your baby playing in the bathtub or crawling on the beach when your phone flashes the dreaded "not enough free space."

You don't want to lose a single photo, especially for the moments when you're away from your little one or want to be a proud mama when you're out with friends, so what can you do?

We've rounded up some easy options for saving, storing and printing every single shot to last long after you've traded your phone in for a new model.

Add Storage

When you sign up for iCloud storage through your iPhone, you'll automatically get 5 GB of free storage for documents, mail and backup information.

If you find yourself needing more room, however, you can add more storage to your account in increments of 10, 20 and 50 GBs for $20, $40 and $100 per year, respectively.

Change your storage plan at any time by going to "Settings," "iCloud," then "Storage and Backup" and clicking "Change Storage Plan" in your phone and expect to be billed for your new plan every year unless you downgrade.

If you have an Android phone, apps like App2SD can help create more storage space on your phone to fit more shots of those adorably chubby baby cheeks.

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Create an Online Photo Account

Moving your photos online using products like Dropbox, Flickr, Shutterfly or Snapfish is a great way to store and bring your photos and videos anywhere for free.

Install Dropbox on your computer and download the app to your smart phone or tablet to retrieve photos, documents or videos from anywhere, or create a Flickr account to upload photos and videos to the website for free.

Flickr allows its users to upload up to a terabyte, or one million 100KB-sized pictures, of data to their account at no cost, so you'll have plenty of room to capture all of your family pictures for years to come. Moms also sites like Shutterfly and Snapfish for their ability to store and print thousands of photos in the same place.

Save to an External Hard Drive

If you don't already back up the information on your personal computer, now's the time to start. Pick up an external hard drive and create baby-specific folders of pictures and documents throughout her childhood.

Pull photos off your phone via email, a cloud program of your choice or SD card (for Android phones) and save them to your hard drive as often as you'd like. You can also use a flash drive to save your photos and take them to a nearby photo-processing kiosk to print.

Depending on the size of your photos and the flash drive you use, you'll be able to fit between a few hundred and several thousand photos.

Make a Video

Once you've got your photos on a computer, sort them chronologically and make a DVD slideshow of baby's first year using free software on your computer, like iMovie for Macs or Photo Story and Movie Maker for Windows. Add music and transitions to your video to help tell the story of your first year as a family.

If the first one goes well, consider adding to it or making new DVD slideshows for every year of your child's life. You'll both love looking back at all of her firsts, from her first Halloween costume to her graduation day.

Create Something!

Use those Instagram, Facebook and iPhone photos to make a unique and useful keepsake, with websites like Pinhole Press, Stickygram, Shutterfly and Shutterstock dedicated to providing affordable and fun printing options.