Why (and How!) This Couple Kept Their Pregnancy a Secret for 9 Months

This couple kept their pregnancy under wraps throughout its duration, and that led up to a really amazing reveal. But how hard was it pull off this surprise?

Think keeping your pregnancy a secret during the first trimester is a challenge? Just wait until you hear what Tannin and Katie Pease did when they learned they were expecting.

The couple had been through a few miscarriages, and they were understandably nervous about how their pregnancy would turn out—that's why they decided to keep it a secret until the tail end. Eventually, they announced their news—and, as you can imagine, it made a huge splash when their friends and family realized the due date was right around the corner.

"Initially we decided to wait till after we found out the sex of the baby," Tannin told Fit Pregnancy. "We wanted to be cautious about who and how we announced. After finding out he was a boy, Katie got the idea that we should keep it a secret for longer. Katie spent quite a bit of time trying to convince me we should keep it a secret until the end and eventually I gave in."

But while the couple quickly learned they couldn't hide their news from everyone (baby bumps are pretty visible, after all!), they did manage to pull a fast one on Tannin's mom, whose joyful reaction to the news was captured in a video. 

"There were a few people we couldn't hide it from [but] the timing was perfect to make this the best surprise birthday present my mom has ever gotten," Tannin said. "At first we showed her Katie was pregnant and she was super excited, but when we told her the baby was coming the next day she couldn't find words."

Tannin's mom's reaction sort of made the whole process of hiding the pregnancy worth it, right?

That's not to say it was an easy move. "It was difficult, at times, to keep it a secret," Tannin admitted. "There was one point where my sister was driving through town from Montana to Texas and she wanted to go to lunch with us. To keep the news hidden I ended up taking the boys and told my sister that Katie had a long night and was taking a nap. As we got closer to the end, we had a few scares where we thought a few people would spill the beans on Facebook but with a little bit of changing our Facebook settings we were safe."

Would you ever consider keeping your pregnancy a secret until just before you're set to deliver? This couple isn't the only one to do something like this—celebrities like Pink and Felicia Day have pulled similar reveals. If you're considering something along these lines, here's some advice from the Pease family: "Do it! If it is something you want to do, do it," Tannin said. "It was a perfect surprise for my family and a great birthday present for my mom. You will need to get creative about ways to hide yourself from social media and people who might spread the word and if you do let someone in on the secret, make sure they know it's a secret right away."