Woman Actually Gives Birth in an Uber

Your delivery fears came true: This woman gave birth in a taxi and you'll never believe the name she gave her baby. Spoiler alert: It's related to where he was born.

Woman Gives Birth in an Uber MikeDotta/Shutterstock.com

If you've ever worried about getting to the delivery room on time, especially if you live in a big city, you might want to stop reading.

A woman gave birth in an Uber in Delhi, India last week—and as if that weren't interesting enough, she also gave her son one of the most unusual names we've heard.

The mom, named Babli, tried to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital but didn't have any luck, according to AOL, so she got an Uber instead—a move that would ultimately define the her child's identity.

Babli's Uber driver, Shahnawaz, asked her to try calling an ambulance but again, she wasn't able to reach one. He began driving Babli to the hospital but they didn't make it in time—so Shahnawaz went way beyond his duties as an Uber driver, jumped in the backseat and helped the women give birth. "I pulled out the towels from the seats and poured some drinking water into a bowl," Shahnawaz said (anyone who's ever taken an Uber could picture the water bottles that were probably on hand). "The child was born within minutes and I was really happy to see that he was responding."

Babli gave birth then and there to a healthy baby boy. "The doctors asked me if I was her husband. I narrated the entire incident, after which they congratulated me. This was one of the happiest moment[s] of my life," Shahnawaz said.

Babli gave Shahnawaz the honor of naming her son—and he chose to honor the memory of their day together, by naming the child Uber.

We can only hope that Babli gave Shahnawaz a five-star rating.