Woman Delivers Baby She Didn't Even Know She Was Pregnant With

You won't believe this incredible story. 

Can you even imagine what it would be like to deliver your own baby? One you didn't even know you were pregnant with?

That's exactly what happened to Angie Hernandez, who left work last week with what she thought was an upset stomach.

According to KSL.com, the Salt Lake City mom started to get a stomachache while working and chalked it up to something she ate. So she went home to relax in the bath for a while and see if it would calm things down.

But when she tried to get up to go to the bathroom, she couldn't. So she sat back down and, you know, gave birth to a baby girl!

"I told my oldest son that was outside the door to call my boss and my husband," Hernandez explained, adding that her boss arrived first to help her with the baby until her husband got there. "And then we went to the hospital to get [the baby and myself] checked out and stayed there the night."

Pretty crazy, right? In fact, Hernandez said her family actually thought she was playing an elaborate joke on them at first, or that the baby was her 16-year-old son's that she agreed to raise— and we kinda don't blame them!

Even Hernandez admitted that she is still a little shocked, since she had pregnancy symptoms with all her other children, but not with this one. And oddly enough, she was still getting her period every month and was able to walk around in her regular pants!

"The only thing that I think back on now is a week before I had her, I had my period, and the cramps were like really, really really, bad," she recalled. "And that's the only thing that I could think of where my body was trying to get me ready for [something]."

And apparently, the birth wasn't painful at all, either! "With my little girl that I had previous—she's 20 months old—I felt every contraction," Hernandez explained. "But this one, she just was out."

Hmmm. Maybe being in the dark about a pregnancy has its benefits, after all!