Woman Gives Birth With Frozen Ovary: "It's Like a Miracle"

Amazing: This new mom welcomed a baby—despite the fact that she had her ovary frozen before she hit puberty.

Moaza Al Matrooshi gave birth to a healthy baby boy...and while every birth feels miraculous, Al Matrooshi's experience was truly revolutionary. According to the BBC, the new mom had her ovary removed when she was young. She had a genetic blood disease called beta thalassemia and needed chemotherapy—and because the treatments would damage her ovaries, she had her right ovary frozen when she was just nine years old in order to preserve her fertility.

At age 24, her ovary was surgically re-implanted in five slivers, attached to her left ovary and uterus. She started menopause after her transplant, but after her hormone levels returned to normal, she and her husband used IVF to conceive their baby.

"This is incredibly encouraging. Moaza is a pioneer and was one of the first patients we helped back in 2001, before any baby had been born from ovary tissue preservation," Professor Helen Picton, who carried out the ovarian freezing said, according to BBC. "Worldwide more than 60 babies have been born from women who had their fertility restored, but Moaza is the first case from pre-pubertal freezing and the first from a patient who had treatment for beta thalassaemia."

This is a pretty incredible breakthrough, and it comes on the heels of news of this baby, who was conceived with genetic material from three people, and this child, who survived a pre-birth operation against all odds. There's no doubt about it—we're seeing absolutely amazing medical breakthroughs that will expand fertility options for so many people.

"I always believed that I would be a mum and that I would have a baby," Al Matrooshi told BBC. "I didn't stop hoping and now I have this baby—it is a perfect feeling."