Woman Participates in Women's March, Gives Birth Hours Later

How did you spend the last few hours of your pregnancy? Our guess: You weren't doing this!

New York Women's March Pacific Press/Shutterstock
They say walking can help a woman go into labor, and if this story is any indication, they just might be on to something! 

Megan Hershfield was 38 weeks pregnant on January 21—which just so happened to be the day of the Women's March. She wasn't about to let her pregnancy stop her, so the mom marched with her own mother, who was on hand in case Hershfield needed any help. Hershfield saw several other pregnant women at the event, though we imagine not many of them found themselves in labor just hours after the March ended.

But Hershfield did. According to The Huffington Post, the mother started having contractions that night. "I told myself, ‘Oh, I was on my feet a lot today, I’ll just drink a lot of water and put my feet up.’ Yeah, no... He was ready to come out," Hershfield told The Huffington Post.

She welcomed her son, Nathaniel Rowan, on January 22—he arrived less than 24 hours after his mother marched.

Isn't this mama a total rock star? It's always flat-out inspiring to see women do amazing things—whether it's fulfilling bridesmaid duties, leading lively workout classes or even breastfeeding their elder children—right before giving birth. On top of that, we love how so many mothers feel a renwed sense of political passion when they become moms—like this mama, who voted on her way to the hospital to give birth. It doesn't matter which side you're on, what matters is that these mamas use their voices—and they'll always be able to share the vibrant, meaningful stories of how their children came into this world.