Woman Runs Boston Marathon Just Weeks After Giving Birth

Talk about bouncing back after birth fast—this Columbus, Ohio mom had her baby, then completed the Boston Marathon just weeks later. #goals

When Elizabeth Varga qualified for the Boston Marathon just over nine months ago, she was overjoyed to have a chance to run, posting "I guess I'm going to Boston!" on her Facebook page when she heard the news. She devoted herself to training—but something happened that Varga didn't predict when she began her marathon journey: She got pregnant.

Pregnancy is something that would make many women step back from such a massive fitness goal but Varga couldn't be stopped. Varga, who had two sons prior to this unplanned pregnancy, decided to run the marathon anyway...even when doctors told her she couldn't run while pregnant. "Basically I started noticing I was really depressed about it," Varga told a Columbus news station of giving up her marathon dreams. 

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Varga tried to defer her spot in the marathon but official rules did not permit this so with her doctor's approval, Varga decided to get back into marathon training. It wasn't easy by any means—Varga admitted there were times she didn't know if she'd make the entire duration of the marathon but she managed to train successfully. She ran the marathon just 13 weeks after delivering her third child.

Varga has an amazing story but says she would not recommend this plan for other mothers. Still, the accomplishment is likely one she'll always treasure. "I feel really lucky to be there," she said before the race. "I really don't care even how I do. It's kind of a relief to be excited and go."

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