Woman Surprises Husband With Inflight Pregnancy Reveal

When this man learned her was going to be a father, he was literally on top of the world. Here's the very public way he heard the big pregnancy reveal.

Woman Surprises Husband With Inflight Pregnancy Reveal Lisa Sadiwnyk/Facebook

Lisa Sadiwnyk found out she was pregnant while on vacation with her husband—but she didn't break the news to him right away. Instead, Lisa decided to have a bit of fun: She planned an epic, unforgettable and very, very public pregnancy reveal for her husband, Eric.

Lisa conspired with the flight's crew to put her plan into action when they reached the airport for their return trip to Pennsylvania. Once the couple was on board, the crew instructed the rest of the flight "to turn your attention to seat 29-E where you'll find Eric who is traveling with his wife Lisa."

Eric turned to his wife just before the crew announced the big news—not just to Eric, but to the entire flight.

"Well Eric, although you didn't strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did strike the jackpot," the pilot said. "Congratulations! You're about to be a dad."

Passengers clapped as Eric kissed wife and shed a tear—you can watch the entire surprise right here.