Can You Guess Why This Woman Snapped a Selfie With Her Sister in Labor?

We're LOLing over this woman's delivery-room selfie showing her sister about to give birth in the background. It's hilarious—as is the story behind it. 

Kimberly Ramirez always told her sister, Kat Armendariz, she'd never have children. So when Ramirez eventually gave birth to her first child, of course Armendariz was on hand to capture the whole momentous occasion.

"I used to let her babysit my first child and she’s like, ‘Ok, she pooped in her diaper and it went all up her back. I’m never having kids,’" Armendariz told Fit Pregnancy. "[I said,] 'Mark my words, I know one day your mind will change.' Sure enough, when she was ready I was like, ‘I’m going to help her remember this moment.'" 

So Armendariz, now a mother of five herself, knew exactly what to do when her sister was set to give birth: She snapped a selfie of herself grinning into camera while her sister suffered labor pains in the hospital bed behind her, as a sort of epic "I-told-you-so." And no, it wasn't a spontaneous shot—actually, Armendariz had been planning to take the selfie for some time.

SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag!

Armendariz posted the photo on Imgur, and it has gone viral. "SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag!" she captioned the image. Armendariz is no stranger to Internet fame—her daughter's Halloween costume went viral about three years ago—but she told us both she and her sister never expected the image to garner so much attention. 

While we think it's a hilarious photo (and many people agree with us!), some users are slamming Armendariz for sharing the pic. She told us, however, that she had her sister's blessing. "I wasn't about to post a photo of her in labor without her permission," said Armendariz, who just had a baby of her own a few months ago. "A lot of people were like, 'Oh, that's inconsiderate' or 'That's a kind of moment that you share with family but not the world'—but what's the fun in that? Her son went viral before he even came out of the womb."