Woman With Six-Pack at 18 Weeks Proves There’s No One Way to Look Pregnant

Massy "Mankofit" Arias is the latest fit preggo to show off her six-pack abs. Use her inspiration to help you achieve a stronger, healthier pregnancy body.

Looks like Sarah Stage isn't the only woman who managed to keep her six-pack intact throughout pregnancy. We've just seen images of Massy "Mankofit" Arias showing off her own chiseled abs at 18 weeks, and the level of definition she shows is pretty incredible.

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My goal is to keep living and preaching about a healthy lifestyle. Couple of days before going into 19 weeks of pregnancy and I've never felt better. Being active and eating healthy isn't only about maintaining a healthy looking body, for me it has meant staying physically but most importantly, mentally healthy as well. I am not doing this for me, but for the beautiful princess that is growing inside of me. Even though I've been so active for many years now and my routines might be a bit more advanced than what my fellow expecting mothers might be able to do at this point, I want to continue to inspire you all (pregnant or not) to be active. We will all grow at different rates and every woman's body is different. My starting point and all the years of training has a lot to do with my own growth so take this into account before comparing your pregnancy with any other woman, including mine. I'll be starting YouTube blogs very soon as soon as my 2.0 #ma60day launches. So get ready to get tons of education in a warrior/fun type of way. LE'TS MOVE, LET'S BE HAPPY, LET'S LOVE OURSELVES! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #mawarrior #childofGod #prego #fitmom #Mondaymotivation __________________________________________________ La meta es seguir llevando y educando sobre llevar un estilo de vida saludable. Al acercarme en unos pocos días a las 19 semanas de embarazo, quiero seguirles hablando que este estilo de vida para mí no es más que mantener un cuerpo estético. Para mí ha significado mantener mi salud física pero también mi salud mental. Yo no estoy haciendo esto para mí, si no para la hermosa princesa que hoy crece dentro de mi. Mi punto de comienzo y los años de entrenamiento que llevo tienen mucho que ver en cómo mi embarazo está progresando. Todos los embarazos son diferentes así que no te compares con ninguna otra mujer. Comensare episodios de YouTube donde estaré educándolos con mis mejores consejos. DALE! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

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But we're less impressed by Arias's physique than we are by her commitment to healthy living. Here's the important thing to remember: The way your body looks during pregnancy depends on so many factors, so you can absolutely do everything right throughout your pregnancy and not look the way Arias does.

That brings us to an important question, though: Is it safe and healthy for a pregnant woman to work out intensely and concentrate on defining her core? According to OB/GYN Sherry Ross, M.D., it is. 

"I think it's great," Dr. Ross tells Fit Pregnancy. "Exercise is really important during pregnancy. A lot of women don't usually keep up with their normal exercise routines as a result of the fatigue and nausea—[but] they can. There's no real issue if you're feeling good. You can do your normal activities."

Dr. Ross adds that pregnant women should avoid contact sports, opting instead for activities like swimming, walking, and running. Based on her Instagram account, Arias seems to favor weight lifting and other resistance-based activities—and according to Dr. Ross, that's just fine during pregnancy.

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HAPPY MONDAY, HERE'S TODAY'S WORKOUT ROUTINE. TAG BFF 🌞 Mini bands available : www.MassyArias.com) @mawarriors WOD: 3-4 sets 12-15 reps Note: this routine is safe for 2nd trimester of pregnancy. The goal is to keep your heart rate stable and not over 150 beats per minute for a long period of time. You can do these using only your body weight. Ladies, listen to your bodies first. You shouldn't be out of breath and unable to carry a conversation. You can mantain your level of fitness depending on where you were before you became pregnant. I don't recommend if you were very sedentary, to start an intense routine that your body isn't used to. Consult your doctor first. WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #mawarrior #childofGod __________________________________________________ FELIZ LUNES MI GENTE, AQUÍ ESTÁ LA RUTINA DE HOY. Menciona a tu mejor amigo/a mini bandas disponibles : www.Massyarias.com @mawarriors RUTINA: 3-4 series 12-15 repeticiones. NOTA: esta rutina es segura en el 2do trimestre de embarazo. Tu objetivo es llevar un ritmo cardiaco controlado sin llevar a los 150 latidos por segundo por mucho tiempo porque el bebé necesita oxígeno. Puedes hacer esta rutina solo usando tu propio peso. Reinas, escuchen a sus cuerpos. No recomiendo que si llevabas una vida muy sedentaria antes de concebir, comiences una rutina muy avanzada que tu cuerpo no este aconstumbrado. Si pueden mantener tu estado físico durante el embarazo, solo tomando en cuenta que hay siempre que consultarlo con tu doctor! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

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Getting those ab exercises in during pregnancy isn't just safe, it helps make birth and recovery easier on you. "We know the growing uterus affects the rectus muscles," Dr. Ross says. "[Six packs are] just the outer shell—the uterus does its own thing. Having stronger ab muscles helps with labor, not to mention postpartum. [Doing core-centric exercises] just really helps."

So take a cue from this fit pregnant woman and hit the gym whenever you have the time and energy. Working out throughout your pregnancy has so many benefits for you and your baby. But don't put on the pressure to have a six-pack like Arias. Your fitness level, metabolic makeup, body composition, the amount of weight you gain, and even your baby's positioning can affect how your belly looks while you're pregnant. There's no one way for a healthy pregnancy to look.

Ultimately, Arias is an inspiration...but she's not the only representation of what it means to have a fit pregnancy.