Woman's Water Breaks After Dancing to Justin Bieber

This woman danced to everyone's favorite song of the moment, "Sorry" by Justin Bieber, just hours before she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Did the Biebs help?

Woman's Water Breaks After Dancing to Justin Bieber Kortni McLady/Facebook

Well, that's one way to induce labor! A viral video shows a (very, very) pregnant woman dancing to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" just minutes before her water breaks.

The video's star is Australian Kortni McLady. She posted the clip on Facebook with the caption: "Exactly 3 months ago today at 5pm I took this video THEN at 9pm my waters broke!!! Excuse the jiggly bits I'm 38 weeks pregnant hahaha, I present to you 'Fletchers water break dance ft Little Cat' Happy quarter birthday Fletcher James! Mummy can't wait to embarrass you even more as you grow older."

The video shows McLady absolutely crushing the video's complicated choreography, which is pretty darn impressive to begin with—but when you add the fact that she's nailing every move while she's literally hours away from giving birth, the whole thing seems pretty amazing.

According to what McLady told the Daily Mail in Australia, she was taken off bed rest right before making the video. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy mere hours later. You can see the whole thing below.