Worried That Your Baby Will Cry on an Airplane? Look What These Parents Did!

Talk about preventive measures!

Baby Crying on Airplane leungchopan/Shutterstock

No parent ever wants to be the most hated person on an airplane, and they certainly don't want their children to be either. That's why 18-month-old twins Abby and Ashley are so lucky—they have parents who found a way to ensure that other passengers on their first flight weren't put off by their presence. 

The twins' parents had a super-creative (and flat-out adorable) idea to make the girls a hit on their very first airplane trip. They distributed goody bags to other passengers to counteract any possible tantrums the babies may have thrown during the flight. The parents included a note explaining the situation to other travelers. Check it out below:

Christina Galese, another passenger on the flight, submitted the photo above to the Love What Matters Facebook page, where it's been "liked" over 19,000 times. "Before the flight took off, the parents passed around these goodie bags to the other passengers around them. Such a thoughtful, simple act of kindness that I am so happy to have experienced," Galese wrote in the photo's caption field.

But as sweet as the gesture is, some Facebook users see something problematic beneath the surface. "It's sad that parents have to pretty much apologize for their children's existence these days. Children are children. They exist and are a pivotal part of society. Get over it," one user posted.

We happen to love this idea—sure, it's not necessary for a parent to apologize for normal baby behavior, but it's thoughtful, creative and so cute all the same. For the record, Galese also shared the Ashley and Abby were incredibly well-behaved babies...so it looks like their parents didn't need the goody bags after all!

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