Wow! This Baby Kicking Video Is Incredible

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is a magical moment, but what about seeing your baby kick? It can be amazing and downright bizarre, as this video proves.

Wow! This Baby Kicking Video Is Incredible Le360/Facebook

If you're currently pregnant or have been before, you know how incredible—and strange!—it is to feel your baby kicking for the first time, let alone see it. Somehow, the experience makes the pregnancy suddenly feel real: you technically know you're creating a child, but it's not until baby kicks that you first connect with them.

But one viral video is showing just how powerful—and truly bizarre!—those kicks can be. In this video posted by a French mother, you can see her son-to-be kicking very high. As his tiny body sticks out, she soothes him with a gentle rub and he calms down, only to roll around a bit more inside his mommy's belly. Charlotte, N.C.-based OB/GYN, Alyse Kelly-Jones, M.D., of Novant Health Mintview says a baby kicking like this is very common and normal.

While this video seems incredibly out of the ordinary, Dr. Kelly-Jones says it's simply the angle. "It's a very close up video of a baby moving inside of its mother. You can tell this based on how close the hand is to the video," she says. "The close up nature of this video makes it look more graphic than I believe it really is."

Even with the intensity of this close-up film, Dr. Kelly-Jones says that this adventurous child is likely healthy. "Remember, babies can flip and flop from head down to butt down throughout most of the pregnancy," she says. "Any baby movement is a sign that the baby is doing great."

We think this French mama-to-be is right when she says: "Il veut sortir le bambin ... et vite." Or roughly translated to English: "He wants to leave, the baby—and fast!"