A year and a half old: A real big boy

02.28.11 18 months old


Dear Tuck:

A year and a half old! I can’t believe it. We are so lucky to have met you, sweet boy. Every night when we go to tuck you in, your dad and I marvel at you—your beautiful face, your silly sleeping positions (squeezed across the short side of the crib with both legs hanging out?), how fast you’re growing, how tall you are. Hearing you say “Hi Mama,” and “Bye-bye Daddy” is the sweetest thing I can imagine, but it’s nothing compared to your huge hugs, complete with a little hand-squeeze or pat on each shoulder. I am a lucky woman to be your mother, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next six months. I’m dying to understand all those stories you’re telling me!

I love you.


My little man is just that these days—he seems so grown up, especially in his adorable new jeans which, paired with his little black boots, make him look impossibly tall and also hilariously mini-hipsterish.

We have just been sitting back and reveling in the language explosion. Nearly every day brings at least one new word: Banana, shoe, sock, hat, animal sounds for everything from horses to goats, etc. It’s so fun, and it seems like it’s going hand in hand with a lot of other stuff; I was singing him “I know an old lady who swallowed a fly” yesterday and when got to the spider, he made the hand gesture from “Itsy-Bitsy Spider.” Then I sang *that,* and he did all the hand gestures that we learned in class last fall, and which he’d never done before. It’s crazy that those little minds are grabbing onto so much stuff, even if we can’t tell at the time. (On that note, while I’ve tried hard to improve my language in recent months, I have given up swearing for Lent despite not being that ardently religious. I need to nip any undesirable words out of my vocabulary completely, and soon!)

Most of our free time in the last week or two has been spent engaged in a thrilling activity, “Dig dig dig.” Tuck discovered the plant-free flower pots on the back patio, and spends as long as I let him out there transferring dirt from one to another, to the ground, to his front, etc. He likes digging with sticks, but I dug out a couple cheapo plastic shovels from last summer, and a plastic spoon, and those are even better since they facilitate dumping. I also took his Green Toys dump truck outside. He mostly raises the back, fills the undercarriage with dirt, and then tries to sit on it.

It’s hilarious, though. He wakes up in the morning, comes downstairs, goes to the back door, and stands there pointing and saying “dig dig dig” until we haul him to breakfast. When we come or go (via the patio) it takes serious doing to get him through without a session. I’m just grateful for this insane weather, which allows us to play outside so much without freezing to death!

Have I talked about music? B is very musical (he plays trumpet and piano), as is most of his family, and my dad’s side of my family is, as well. I sang and played violin when I was younger, and my dad actually majored in music and still plays bass. We are really seeing a strong musical bent in Tuck. He loves playing piano, with or without B, and he’s incredibly gentle and thoughtful—he hits one or two keys at a time, never banging, and it seems like he plays something he wants to hear, and then moves away. When he’s listening to music that he likes, he has a funny side-to-side swaying dance, and sometimes he’ll shush us if we talk while something he likes is playing! I’m intrigued to see how it develops. We have loved our Music Together class; ours is through Groovy Baby Music in this area, but there are franchises nationwide and it’s a great curriculum. We started when he was about 13 months old, but you can take a baby and they seem to really enjoy it. The older kids have a blast. We listen to the CD at home and sing a lot of the songs, and I’ve been very impressed with the whole experience.

One last thing I’ve noticed in the last couple weeks is that Tuck has gotten more hesitant about some activities. At his gym class he always plunged ahead with each “activity station” (stuff like hanging from bars or walking on a balance board), but recently he’s refused to try, and screams and kicks until we move away. During the free play he happily walks on balance beams and hangs from bars, so I don’t know what the issue is. He’s bold at the playground, and loves climbing up and going down slides as by himself as we’ll allow. It’s an odd one.


Finally, this is my 60th and last blog post at Fitpregnancy.com. I am hoping to pick up where I left off somewhere else on the web—the exciting news is that we are expecting baby number two a couple weeks before Tuck’s birthday! I have loved having this blog as a place to record my first pregnancy and Tuck’s babyhood, and I hope to do the same for this baby as well. Thank you to everyone who has emailed and commented—please stay in touch, through Twitter (@kateflaim), email (kflaim@gmail.com) or my personal blog, kateflaim.com/blog. I will start posting regularly again at the blog very soon! Good luck to you all and thank you for reading.