You Have to Watch This C-Section Baby Basically Deliver Himself

Is he an OBGYN in the making?

In today's too-cute-to-be-true news, mom Sarah Saunders shared a video of herself giving birth and it's the sweetest, most impressive thing we've seen all day. Sweet because her new son is adorable, impressive because he basically delivered himself!

Here's what happened: Saunders had a C-section and while that's an option some women hope to avoid, this particular mom decided to make the most of it by recording a video of the entire thing. She had what is referred to as a "natural Cesarean," which happens when the doctor makes an incision and brings the baby's head out of the womb. The baby then moves out of the womb on her own, a process that can take a few minutes. 

Watch the video below for a close (like, really close) look at the delivery, which shows her son's adorable little head exiting her body before he eventually wiggles himself all the way out of his mother:

“I wanted to share this video to show that if you are unable to give birth ‘naturally,’ that having a natural Caesarean is the next best thing,” Saunders wrote in the caption field of the video.

How precious is this? And side note—how much of a rockstar is Saunders? We can't believe how calm and collected she remained while giving birth.