You Won't Believe Why This Mom Was So Shocked After Giving Birth

The big mix-up that had everyone's jaws on the floor. 

Koto Nakamura was in for a huge surprise when she gave birth—and luckily, a photographer was on hand to capture her priceless reaction.

You see, Nakamura and her husband, Sina Niakansafy, were told earlier in her pregnancy that they were expecting a girl. They chose the name Hinita for the baby and received plenty of pink baby gifts...but the couple was in for a huge surprise when it came time to meet their little bundle. "I thought everyone was joking," Nakamura told Today Parents of hearing she had given birth to a baby boy. "I lost words and I couldn't believe it until I saw his bottom."

Think Nakamura is exaggerating? Check out her face when she heard the news: 

To make things even funnier, Nakamura's midwife had just told her the story of another woman who gave birth only to find the baby's gender was not what she thought. Nakamura laughed at the idea—but she had no idea the same thing would happen to her.

"We were all laughing and joking about it, saying, 'Oh gosh, as if that would happen to us,'" Nakamura's birth photographer, Jessica Jackson, shares. "We were trying to imagine how the mother must have felt—little did we know it was about to happen to Koto, too."

Jackson, the photographer who captured the scene, has never witnessed such a surprise in the delivery room. She posted the above shot of Nakamura's shocked expression on her Instagram page, and it's now gone viral. 

"This was one of the most amazing moments—a roller coaster of emotions in just a few short minutes," Jackson reveals. "Pure shock, disbelief, excitement, happiness and relief. This is the reason why birth photography is so important. Imagine when [the baby] is all grown up and his parents are telling his birth story to him, and they have these images to share the way they looked when they found out this news."

This is Nakamura's first baby. She and her husband named him Taiga, which means "big and gracious." 

"I was shocked for a few seconds, and then it didn't matter if it was a girl or a boy," Nakamura says.

Congrats to all!