You'll Love This Artistic Gender Reveal and the Sweet Meaning Behind It

More and more couples are getting creative with their gender reveals, but this is one of the most polished ones we've seen.

Gender reveals are a hot trend among to-be parents, and while some opt to have parties to celebrate the reveal, others prefer to share the news via video. We've seen so many takes on the latter: Candid clips featuring couples whacking piñatas, adorable shots of kids biting into cupcakes, videos of blue or pink exploding into the air—we love them all. 

But a recent gender reveal video brings something different to the table: This one is subtle and sweet and so artistic. The way this video is shot is really beautiful—it starts off as a look at a day in the family's life. It shows a set of parents with their adorable firstborn—they play at the park, stroll through the city and cross a bridge, balloon in hand. It's all filmed in black and white...that is, until the big reveal.

The family stops at the top of a bridge and pops the ballon they held throughout the video to reveal blue confetti, and at that point, the whole screen bursts into color. 

YouTube user Rishaimeline Caloca-Winklaar shared the inspiration behind her big reveal. 

"I choose the [black-and-white] theme for the gender reveal because I had this in my mind playing over and over again," Caloca-Winklaar told Fit Pregnancy. "The idea with my daughter on the playground was like, soon she won't be playing alone anymore. We dressed up in white because white is the color of [purity], holiness, and love. And it just matched with the black-white video."

Caloca-Winklaar also shared that she enlisted a close friend, who has a YouTube channel of his own, to shoot the video. According to the mom, this gender reveal idea was especially significant for a very personal reason. "The blessing God gave my husband and I to be pregnant is something big because doctors said that having any children would be hard. And this was something I wanted to capture for my children," she said. "That anything is possible if you have faith."