YouTube Star Opens Up About Miscarriage in New Video

Why one vlogger chose to tell all about this very personal issue.

As a popular YouTube vlogger, Anna Saccone is no stranger to sharing details of her life with her viewers—but the mother of two probably never expect to make an admission this personal on her channel.

The Surrey, England-based video star was 11 weeks pregnant when she suffered a miscarriage. In her video, Saccone explained that her baby stopped growing at six weeks gestation, but she carried the baby until 11 weeks, at which point she miscarried. This is classified as a "missed miscarriage." 

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"It took my body that long to register that the pregnancy is no longer viable," Saccone said in the video.

Saccone got very personal, delving into details about the particulars of her miscarriage and the emotions it evoked. She was told at her nine-week ultrasound that the baby was measuring small and there could be a problem. "At the time I really hated the woman that did my scan because she was so blunt and abrupt about it. Looking back, I'm kind of glad that she was that way because it almost prepared me. I grieved so much in those two weeks because I wasn't sure if the baby was alive or dead," she said. 

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Saccone set out to do something important by making the video—act as a voice of hope for other women going through the loss of a pregnancy. She admitted that she struggled to find relevant information about her struggle. "The stuff that was out there was just like those stock images and a person talking about the facts," she said in the video. "That made me really sad because if you look at all the comments in these videos or blog posts or forum posts or anything about miscarriage, you realize that so many women go through it and it's actually way more common than people think. I never thought it would happen to me and it did."

We urge you to watch this video, especially if you've had a miscarriage and are feeling alone.

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