Mom Defends Her Decision to Breastfeed During Sex

Would you ever have sex while breastfeeding? One vlogging mom did the deed—and now she's speaking out about her decision. 

We've said it time and time again—breastfeeding mothers can do just about anything while nursing. They can (and do!) give birthrun marathons, assume crazy yoga poses, speak on television...the list goes on endlessly. But one woman decided to multitask in a way that's a little more controversial: She nursed while having sex. 

Vlogger Tasha Maile faced criticism after she uploaded a video on the issue two years ago, with viewers calling out her actions as "creepy" and "incestuous." But Maile stood by her decision in a recent interview. 

“The baby was sleeping while breastfeeding, he was very attached to me," she told This Morning. "If your baby is sleeping, again being an adult about the conversation, we all like sex, there’s no secret about it. I think it's totally fine if the baby is sleeping…I wasn’t surprised [at the backlash]." 

She reminded those watching that the baby wasn't going to be scarred for life. "If the baby is ok, the baby’s ok. They’re not sitting there judging you and thinking ‘my mom and dad are having sex.’ It’s a two- or three-month-old baby. They’re so innocent."

It might be way too close for comfort to most moms—and that's understandable—but ultimately Maile has to make her own rules, and we're not here to judge them. This whole thing begs the question, though: Where do your draw the line where the sex-while-parenting issue is concerned?

Here's what we're trying to say: With pediatricians now recommending that new parents keep their babies in their bedrooms for a year after birth...that means there are probably so many couples out there who have no choice but to resume normal bedroom activities with their babies in the room (and the act gets the expert stamp of approval!) It's one of those things you'd probably never imagine doing before you had your children, but once you become parents, well, you're not left with many options.

Obviously, breastfeeding during sex takes this to another level, but is it just one that exists in a different place on the same spectrum—or does it cross the line?