Romantic Ways to Spend Your Last Valentine's Day as a Twosome

If you're expecting a baby, chances are, future Valentine's Day celebrations will look different than the ones you're used to—so take advantage of this one!

Romantic Ways to Spend Your Last Valentine's Day as a Twosome iiiphevgeniy/Shutterstock

If you're expecting a baby this year, you can expect the next few years to be filled with a lot more love...but maybe a bit less romance. Your Valentine's Day celebrations will likely change—and while we're sure you'll love celebrating with a little one along for the ride, we also suggest making the most of your last Valentine's Day as a twosome. Sure, the old dinner-and-a-movie routine is nice, but why not make this holiday extra special? Here are some of our favorite options.

Make it a mocktail night

If you're pregnant, you might be missing your standard date night bottle of wine. Why not sub in some yummy nonalcoholic drinks? They're certainly more exciting than standard water or juice but still totally safe for pregnant women. Go to a trendy cocktail bar and ask the bartender to whip up something special sans alcohol. Feeling like staying in instead? Pick up some supplies and mix up your own alcohol-free drinks at home. Don't forget to serve them in your fanciest glasses!

Take a trip down memory lane

If you're feeling energetic and are lucky enough to have good weather where you are, take Valentine's Day as an excuse to explore your city on foot. Swing by places that hold sentimental value or you (maybe the bar where you had your first date or the restaurant where you got engaged.) It's not only a great way to reflect on your relationship, it's also a chance for you to get some healthy exercise in in a totally fun, relaxing way.

Go for an impromptu weekend getaway

Once the baby comes, spontaneity will probably not play a big role in your life. Take advantage of your ability to do things on the fly while you can and grab a weekend babymoon. Pack your partner's bags, jump in the car and head somewhere to get a few days away from it all.

Have a movie marathon

Feeling tired? We can't blame you. It might be a good idea to rest-up now because once the baby is born, you'll be more exhausted than ever. Take Valentine's Day as an opportunity to indulge in a lazy day. Set up camp on the couch, watch movies all day, order in all your meals...and eat a little bit of chocolate while you're at it (it's good for your pregnancy!)

Set up a sundae bar

Here's one kind of bar that will make a pregnant woman feel right at home—set up an ice cream bar with all the fixings. Pull out a few flavors, tons of toppings and make your own concoctions.

Recreate your first date

Go to the same restaurant, reminisce about the night and order the same meals—just because you have to forgo the drinks you enjoyed back then, doesn't mean you still can't eat all of your favorite foods!

Enjoy a gourmet meal

Whether it's a home-cooked three-course spread or the indulgent tasting menu at the fanciest restaurant in town, enjoy a truly adult meal—because soon enough, you'll be eating a lot of second-hand mac-n-cheese.