This Woman's Ridiculously Eventful Thanksgiving Included Delivering a Baby

Think your Thanksgiving was hectic? Just wait till you hear the story of this woman's absurdly eventful holiday. 

To say that Rhonda DiCostanzo's Thanksgiving was jam-packed would be a huge understatement. Why do we say that? Well, she bought a baby into the world on the holiday, for starters—and that's so not the only thing that went down for this amazing lady. KARE11 News shared her incredible story.

It all started with a triathlon. DiCostanzo woke up before the sun, prepped her Thanksgiving dinner and headed out to participate in a race. That's where her story took an unexpected turn: She fell at the finish line, broke two fingers and was taken to the hospital. That's when she met Jessica Morales, a woman who was in the throes of labor. Morales was clearly ready to give birth, but hospital workers weren't able to attend to her: That's when DiCostanzo took matters into her own hands. She hurried over to the other woman and single-handedly delivered the baby.

“Afterward I showed her my hospital band and said, ‘You know I'm a patient here, too,’ and she said, ‘WHAT?’," DiCostanzo told KARE11 News.

It's safe to say that Morales had a lot to be thankful for this year—and DiCostanzo's help was almost certainly on that list.

But it didn't end there for DiCostanzo—even after all the excitement she faced, she still managed to serve Thanksgiving dinner to 16 guests. Consider us really, really impressed.