Viral Video Slams Know-It-All Parents-to-Be

Hey pregnant ladies, think you have this parenting thing all figured out? If this Munchkin video is anything to go by, you might want to think again.

Viral Video Slams Smug, Know-It-All Parents Story of This Life/Facebook

We've all raised an eyebrow at a parent. Don't feel guilty about it—before you bring a baby into the world (and have said baby poop on you within a few hours of being born)—it's hard to imagine what having kids is really like.

That's why we're kind of in love with this cute video from Munchkin, a retail brand for baby-feeding goods. In this funny short video story, called "When We Have Kids," a couple talks about how they'll be different from all of "those" parents. Ya know—the ones who have screaming kids in stores or babies that like to party at night instead of sleep, and ones that let their offspring run their schedules?

Sounds like your life? Yeah, sounds like most of ours, too.

As the couple goes through the ways they'll outshine the parents they've all witnessed, um, be less than perfect, it flashes forward to what their future really becomes: tons of diapers, a baby with her own agenda, spit-up coming in all directions, sleepless nights and more.

While we can't argue that the video's not spot-on, we only have one bone to pick with Munchkin—why mention that "mom lets herself go"? Sure, we're guilty of feeling lucky when we have time to rinse and lather (forget repeat—there's a baby to feed!), and okay, sometimes our shirt is accessorized with baby food, but c'mon!

It's not just us moms who have a different opinion on grooming once we have a baby in our arms. Munchkin could have shown dad's less-than-finest moments, too. Just sayin'.