Working Moms

3 Signs It's Time to Stop Working

If you're waffling about when to go on maternity leave, here are some clues:

The Working Woman's Guide to Pregnancy

Our detailed guide covers breaking the news at work, navigating maternity leave, and more.

How the American Healthcare Act Would Affect New Moms

Here's what you need to know about how the proposed new health care plan would change the lives of new mothers who are on Medicaid.

Brie Bella Says Becoming Pregnant Was 'One of the Greatest Moments of My Life'

Always a fierce presence in the ring, wrestler Brie Bella is not shy about her hopes for birth and motherhood. Her can-do attitude will get you pumped!

Tess Holliday Gets Really Real About the Working Mom Struggle

The model penned an incredibly honest social media post about the emotional toll working motherhood can take on a person.

Families Spending More on Child Care Than Rent

Child care costs are so high, many families spend more on it than they do on rent--and women are paying the price for it with their careers. Here's why.

Pregnancy-Inspired Careers

Five jobs for women with babies on the brain

9 Smart Strategies for Working During IVF

Balancing fertility treatments with your career can be challenging. Here's your guide to getting it all done (and done well).

PSA Features 260-Week Pregnant Woman to Make a Point About Maternity Leave

Maternity leave policies are not where they should be in the United States--and this surreal video from the National Partnership for Women and Families drives that point home.

7 Pumping-Friendly Wardrobe Must-Haves for Killing It After Maternity Leave

Who says you can't be fashionable and functional when you reenter the real world after having a baby? These must-haves, handpicked by our new-mom editor, will make you feel like you have your s**t together, even when you really, really don't feel like you do.

Ready Or Not

Can you ever be truly prepared for becoming a mom?

Why Every Parent Should Have a Will

Less than half of all Americans have a will, and the number drops even more for moms and dads, yet it's the one legal document every parent should have. Here's why.

THIS Is How Chrissy Teigen Manages to Do It All

The model mama opened up about the pressure moms face where "having it all" is concerned--and she admitted that she has a distinct advantage. Never change, Chrissy.

Photo Series Celebrates Breastfeeding Women in Uniform

We've seen plenty of photo series that focus on breastfeeding women--but this one is like any other. The women are all in uniform. And the photographer's recruiting.

Survive the Work Day (Even When You Have Morning Sickness)

Crush your top pregnancy work worries with these expert tips.

Behold: The Breast Pump That Makes it Possible for Nursing Moms to Multitask

Can we get a "hell yes" for this breast pump, which might make it much easier for nursing mamas to pump?

Your Guide to Having a Baby on a Budget

Looking for financial advice during your pregnancy? Here are some affordable, money-saving tips from real families to help you have a baby without breaking the bank.

Deciding When to Work After Having a Baby

If you're deciding about returning to work after maternity leave, learn from these four women, who weigh up the same decision about going back to work after baby.

Paid Maternity Leave is Safer for Babies

A new study shows that paid time off for new parents is linked with a reduction in cases of abusive head trauma in infants. Another reason for paid maternity leave.

Daddy''s Home

You work, he stays with the baby. So what could be wrong?

Workplace Barriers Lead Moms to Stop Breastfeeding, and That's Not Right

A recent study pointed out that workplace barriers to successful breastfeeding are bringing down rates of women who keep up with it after they go back to work.

Getting Back to Business

Going back to work after having a baby isn't an all-or-nothing decision.

Do You Have the Scariest Place to Pump at Your Job?

Does your workplace have a totally lackluster place for nursing mamas? If so, enter this contest, which turn the "scariest" pump room into a haven.

Sleep Like A Baby?

A new sleep book from pediatrician Harvey Karp, M.D., may be just what the doctor ordered.