All You Need Is Love

05.10.12 Are you absolutely gaga over your bub? Join the club.


I have a confession to make: I’m having a love affair—with my son. You know when you start dating someone new that you really like and everything they do is simply amazing and adorable and fantastic and incredible? That’s exactly how I feel about my son. I am officially head-over-heels in love with him.

At dinner, I’ll suddenly find myself with my elbow on the table, chin resting in my hand, watching him stuff macaroni into his mouth with his fingers and thinking, “I just love the slurpy sound his mouth makes as he’s chewing. Where is my Flip so I can get this on video?” Or, he’ll turn to me in his pajamas and hold up his little index finger and say “One minute,” then walk out of his room in an attempt to avoid bedtime. He’ll then walk down the hall to the living room and stare at his toys, and say “Hmmm,” as he decides which one should come to bed with him. Or, his newest bit is to randomly call me “Jenn,” to which I respond in mock surprise, “Who’s Jenn?!” and he’ll say, “You are!” as he laughs out loud, his mouth wide open with every teeny tiny molar on display.

I know. I know. My son is not the only kid to do something downright adorable. Nor is he the only kid to ever say “Hmmm” with his itty bitty pointer finger resting on his chin. But I will say that he’s the only toddler who, with a simple action or word, has caused my heart to leap—with joy, with love and with, dare I say, pride. That’s why I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day this year. Not because of the cards or the dark chocolate or the handmade gifts (although I’m tickled by every finger painted project my son brings home), but because I am so happy and thrilled and, yes, proud to be a mama.

So, happy Mother’s Day, mamas. I hope you’re all swept up in your own love affair with your bub—because I’m betting your baby is completely smitten with you, too.