Here's Why This CEO Hid Her Pregnancy

CEO Talia Goldstein hid her pregnancy while seeking investors for her company, Three Day Rule. Expecting her second child, she now opens up about why she did it.

Here's Why This CEO Hid Her Pregnancy Talis Goldstein/Facebook

It's been three years since dating site Three Day Rule's CEO Talia Goldstein hid her pregnancy at work.

This week, she came out with an article in Fortune discussing how and why, and her ambivalent feelings about being an ambitious career woman pitted against the joy of being a mother. In her own words in 2012: "While I am happy about having a child, I feel ashamed for getting pregnant because my industry looks down on it."

Now that she's expecting her second child, she feels not only the comfort, but the need, to be open about her pregnancy, as well as how she felt in 2012. Now she's not starting a tech company, she has the luxury of being the head of a successful start-up. But the privilege of her status isn't the only factor allowing her to be more open.

Goldstein says that in just three years, she sees a huge ratio difference of women in the technology field. (Her own tech company, with nearly all female employees, is a testament to that change.) Just this March, Katherine Zaleski, President of PowerToFly, wrote a Fortune essay that went viral, in which, after getting pregnant, she apologized to all the working moms she worked with.

While the demographics have changed, Goldstein still sees hesitation when she meets new investors with her round belly. But this time around, she feels that she has an important "opportunity to show that we can," for other women "who are too scared to start a family in this industry, and for those who are too scared to start in this industry because they want a family."

Talia Goldstein, we salute you!