Let's Do Lunch, Redux

After reading a blog post, one working mom is inspired to take action.

jenny-kampp2-at.jpg Photo courtesy of the Almond Board of California

I just had to share the letter, below, that I received from a fellow working mama. I won't spoil it, but big, heartfelt congratulations to Jenny Kampp—pictured at left with her daughter, Chloe—for finding a way to create the community she craved as a new mom.

Dear Ms. Carofano,

I'm Jenny Kampp, an executive assistant at Arizona State University. I'm writing you today to say thank you for posting your blog, Let's Do Lunch, about starting a working moms lunch group. When I returned from maternity leave in May 2011, I was looking for a way to connect with other working moms. After many failed attempts to bond with the stay-at-home set, your blog post was the push I needed to get something started. With my boss' support, I connected with my HR department and was referred to the on-campus Employee Assistance Office who was glad to help me get something off the ground.

Now, I am the coordinator of the Working Parents Network (WPN) at Arizona State University and I have around 40 members! We meet monthly for lunch and talk about anything and everything related to mommyhood—pumping at work, healthy weight-loss tips (I've even started a weekly walking group), diaper rash remedies, etc. I've also been able to tap into the many resources at the university as well as schedule guest speakers who have helped us learn to deal with tantrums and mommy guilt, building self-esteem in our new roles as mothers, work-life balance, etc.

With the help of one of the moms in the group, we now have a website that I maintain with community resources and an online forum to connect with each other outside of our meetings. We were also featured in ASU News, the university's newsletter.

I feel such a sense of accomplishment and purpose from starting and running this group! It has helped me tremendously in adjusting to my role as working mom, and I love being able to do the same for other new moms. I know the parents in the WPN are thankful to have this resource as well because they often tell me so.

Thanks again for your blog post!


Jenny Kampp