Marissa Mayer Faces Backlash From Working Moms

Yahoo exec's ban on telecommuting is big step back for women.


Dear Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer:

I was willing to let it go when you said you were going to only take a few weeks of maternity leave. You were a first-time mom and, honestly, you never really know how you’ll feel until the baby comes.

And, then when you said, “The baby has been way easier than everyone made it out to be,” I bristled just a bit, but then chalked it up to having loads of child care resources at your fingertips and obviously, being highly adept at functioning on less than five hours of sleep (I’m more of an eight-hours-a night type of gal).

But, now this? Announcing via memo that all Yahoo workers are required to be in the office full time? This one is harder to swallow.

Being able to come in late when I need to take my son to a pediatrician appointment or to leave early if I get a phone call from preschool telling me my son has thrown up on the classroom rug makes all the difference. The flexibility I’m given at my job is what keeps me focused at work: I’m allowed to be a mom when I need to be, and as a result, I’m a better employee.

You may be saying to yourself, I’m a CEO, not a poster child for parenting. But, unfortunately, when you get paid gobs of money to be the public face of a company, you are a role model. And people will watch what you’re doing and, aghast, follow your lead. Because, well, you're a leader. And by all means, you deserve to be.

But, please keep in mind that what you do in your place of power does matter to all the working moms who haven’t made it to the corner office—well, not just yet.