The New Parental Benefits at Zillow are Seriously Impressive

The Seattle-based real estate company is the latest tech company to revise its policies for new mothers and fathers. Here's what they're promising their employees.

The New Parental Benefits at Zillow are Seriously Impressive Zillow/Instagram

Major tech companies—from Netflix to Twitter—have been taking steps to make things easier for working moms. Now Zillow, a Seattle-based real estate marketplace, is the latest firm to make big changes to its parental leave policies.

The company will now give birth mothers 16 weeks of fully paid leave—a significant change from its previous policy, which allowed 12 weeks of partially paid leave for new mothers. What's even more impressive is the fact that Zillow will give eight weeks of fully paid leave to all new parents, which might encourage more new fathers to take advantage of paternity leave.

In addition to the improved parental leave structure, there's another perk new moms at Zillow can take advantage of: The company will also give new parents $1,000 gift cards to use at Amazon—a move that will undoubtedly help new mothers and fathers offset the costs of raising children.

"We know it's expensive to have a new baby...we want to help you through this period in life," Amy Bohutinsky, Zillow's chief operating officer, said in an emailed statement.

The policy applies to full-time employees and will begin at the start of 2016. Parents who are expecting in the fourth quarter of 2015 are also eligible for the new benefits.The company boasts 2,300 employees and, like Twitter, pays to ship breast milk to a working mother's home when she's on business trips.

"We want to support and do everything we can to help employees grow their careers and families and make it easier to balance both," Bohutinsky said. Now here's hoping other companies take note.