Parody Video Pays Tribute to Working Moms

Every parent (working or otherwise) will relate to this funny-'cos-it's-true parody video of a working mom's harried morning routine. All we can say is, We feel ya.

Parody Video Pays Tribute to Working Moms Jonah Penna/YouTube

If you are a working mom who needs a laugh today, a new viral video is bound to deliver. Vlogger and founder of a major YouTube talent agency, Sarah Penna takes us inside a familiar world, where alarm clocks are babies crying, you have about two minutes to brush your teeth and apply your makeup, and less time to select an outfit sans spit up.

In this hilarious parody, which barely qualifies as a joke since it's so dang spot-on, Penna even confesses to applying her makeup when she's up for a midnight feeding, to save time in the morning.

"Who am I kidding?" this harried mom says, as she gives up on enjoying a hot cup of coffee to feed her baby. We then get to see her indulge in the breakfast choice of most working mamas: whatever your kid doesn't finish, even if that means a spoonful of baby yogurt.

Our favorite moment in this funny-'cos-it's-true spoof is when Penna is ready to leave for work, and she notices her jacket is now covered in little yogurt fingerprints. (Yup, been there about a thousand times.) Another all-too-relatable moment is when she attempts to gather personal items like sunglasses, only to have them ripped off her face repeatedly by a pint-sized kleptomaniac.

The last sequence in the video will be familiar to every mom, whether she leaves the house to work or not. Saying goodbye. It's never easy, no matter how many times you've gone through it. Even harder, is when you forget something inside the house, and you have to go back in and relive the tears and anxiety—on both sides!

In the end, while this video is LOL-worthy, it's also a tribute to working moms everywhere, who give their all at work, and at home, and love their kids so, so much.