Rate Your Company's Maternity Leave Policy on New 'Yelp' Site

Want to rant about how your company handles maternity leave? Here's where you can do it with other working women, in a safe, anonymous environment.

Rate Your Company's Maternity Leave Policy on New 'Yelp' Site ampyang/Shutterstock

There's been a lot of talk about how women can strike that elusive work/life balance, managing families along with careers—and we're finally seeing companies respond to this issue by amending their policies for parents.

But despite this positive change, maternity leave policies aren't often discussed during job interviews or offer rounds—which is why new site Fairy Godboss, a Yelp-like community that allows women to anonymously dish on how companies treat their female employees, is so important.

Fairy Godboss gives women a platform to discuss things like maternity leave and sexual harassment in addition to the sort of information you'd find on Glassdoor, like salary data and promotion information.

According to the New York Post, Georgene Huang and Romy Newman founded the site when they realized there wasn't a place on the Internet where women could speak freely about the work cultures of their companies. According to Huang, the site is all about "the experience of being a woman in a company."

The site focuses on constructive reviews and discourages users from trashing companies and other users—still, some unpleasant stories have surfaced. According to the New York Post, one woman shared a story about how she started getting "the cold shoulder" at work after inquiring about maternity leave policies. It's those intangibles like that that women can't often find elsewhere, and the fact that Fairy Godboss gives its users insider information that goes beyond the basic facts and figures makes it the sort of community working women everywhere need.